Newcastle United vs PSG : Score and updates from the Champions League group stage

M. Almirón
L. Hernández
D. Burn
S. Longstaff
F. Schär

Venue: St. James’ Park

Referee: Istvan Kovacs

Sean Longstaff speaking post-match

To be honest there’s a few who thought three years we’d probably be out the door, but since the takeover it has been amazing. An unbelievable night and I’m so proud of being from Newcastle.

[How are the family?] Yeah, they’re probably pretty drunk even though it’s a Wednesday night.

FT: PSG 1 Newcastle 4
At the sound of the final horn, Mbappe is in the tunnel as Newcastle’s supporters celebrate a historic victory. That outcome was made possible by their effort, organisation, and some standout individual performances from people like Schar and Bruno. After scoring the first goal, they never appeared in danger as the goals arrived at the correct time.
By selecting just two midfielders and four forwards, Luis Enrique made a tactical error. PSG would appear to be pretty dominant statistically, but that was primarily due to Newcastle’s early 3-0 lead. The French team came in second best, which is the game’s main narrative.

Newcastle team news:

Joelinton is not physically capable of making the squad, according to Newcastle
Pope; Trippier; Lascelles; Schar; Burn; Bruno Guimaraes; Longstaff; Tonali; Almiron; Isak; Gordon make up the starting XI.

Alternates: Hall, Livramento, Anderson, Murphy, L. Miley, Dubravka, Karius, Dummett, Targett

Newcastle’s squad is overextended due to injuries, and that team is not their strongest. There are four full backs and two goalkeepers on the bench. Almiron and Gordon, though, have speed in the wide areas, which may be crucial on a night when they may be forced to play on the counter-attack.

PSG team news:

Luis Enrique selects a very offensive lineup for PSG.
Donnarumma, Hakimi, Marquinhos, Skriniar, Hernandez; Ugarte, Zaire Emery; Dembele, Muani, Mbappe, and Goncalo Ramos comprise the starting lineup.

Alternates: Navas, Fabian, Danilo Pereira, Vitinha, Mukiele, Carlos Soler, Barcola, and Tenas are available as substitutes.

That team has three strikers, in my estimation, and you could also argue that Ousmane Dembele qualifies as a forward. Dembele playing from the right is the only thing I can say with certainty. While Mbappe prefers to play from the left, Goncalo Ramos is a real center-forward. Does that imply Kolo Muani is not playing up front? The outcome will be intriguing to see. In midfield, a lot depends on Ugarte and Zaire Emery. Usually, Vitinha engages in play with them, but he is on the bench.

2 minutes: Newcastle 0 PSG 0

With the ball having not yet touched the ground, Jermaine Jenas claims that Newcastle has had a strong opening 30 seconds into the game.
We’re still figuring out how PSG will look moving ahead and how all these attacking guys will work together. Dembele and Muani appear to be on the wings, with Mbappe around Ramos in a more central position.
When PSG passes back, Newcastle adopts a 4-5-1 defensive formation but immediately rushes to press. Gordon then shuts down Marquinhos near the corner flag. Despite the winger’s efforts to excite the crowd, PSG has the goal kick.

5 minutes: Newcastle 0 PSG 0

PSG has the ball first! Newcastle attempted to push the French team into their own half, but the French team maintained their cool and played through the pressure as Zaire Emery led the way. When Dembele received a cross from Mbappe at the back post, his shot nearly missed the target because Trippier was held back by Mbappe. Nice move by the visitors, who are pitting Trippier, Schar, Lascelles, and Burn against a very dynamic front four.

8 minutes: Newcastle 0 PSG 0

Newcastle got the opportunity to lift a free-kick into the penalty area, but Donnarumma blocked it at the second try. Newcastle is trying to get in their faces to interrupt PSG’s buildup, but the black and white jerseys are being popped around. PSG is currently displaying remarkable calmness. However, it only takes one error.

11 minutes: Newcastle 0 PSG 0

Burn and Gordon got their wires crossed, allowing the ball to run out for a throw as Newcastle gained some control in the PSG half. Before Isak was a little unlucky to receive a penalty for a bump to the back of Skriniar, Bruno works well for Newcastle in the middle to hold the ball and spread play to the right.

13 minutes: Newcastle 0 PSG 0

It was good of Newcastle to release Isak down the left with a deft touch from Tonali. He tries to drive into the box, but Marquinhos blocks his shot.

Almiron receives a loose pass from the Hakimi 30 yards from goal, but he chooses to slash at the ball instead, which causes it to go way beyond. From there, I probably ought to have struck the mark. Newcastle has already begun to engage in this.

16 minutes: Newcastle 0 PSG 0

After catching Tonali with a late challenge, Ugarte is extremely fortunate to avoid receiving a yellow. Trippier will take the free kick that is at the left-center crossing position. He might even want to take this shot now that the pitch has been slickened by rain. But he hits the wall with his shot. However, Newcastle’s last five minutes have been more encouraging.

GOOOOAAAALLL! Almiron gives Newcastle the lead

Newcastle’s relentless pressure is having an impact as St James’ Park trembles. Marquinhos threw a sloppy loose ball into the middle of the pitch, but Bruno intercepted it before it could cross his head. Isak’s turn-around shot from the edge of the box was blocked by Donnarumma, but Almiron was there to tuck away the rebound with a well placed finish. The ideal beginning.

20 minutes: Newcastle 1 PSG 0

In the moments leading up to PSG’s goal, Newcastle was just beginning to put PSG under heavy pressure, and it worked. Now that the audience is in a good mood, they are cheering for every successful tackle and throw-in. It’s possible that both teams only need five minutes to regroup.

25 minutes: Newcastle 1 PSG 0

Zaire-Emery moves through the middle of the pitch before firing a shot just wide of the post. When PSG has escaped the pressure, Newcastle has guarded their penalty area fairly well.

Marquinhos glares at his custodian as Trippier advances the ball, forcing him to turn it behind for a corner.

At the edge of the box, Schar received the corner and took a shot that fizzed just wide of the post. Newcastle is almost there.

GOOOOOAAAL! Dan Burn header given after a Var check

Var checked for a solid two minutes, but after the goal was awarded, St James’ erupted once more.Burn’s header is valid because Bruno G was onside when the ball was passed back to him by Tonali. There were rumours that Lascelles had handled the ball, which Var may have investigated, but the goal was awarded, and Newcastle is now in a trance!

45 minutes: Newcastle 2 PSG 0

This half has recently changed from being optimistic, good, and now the stuff of dreams. Pope leaves his position to punch after PSG kicks in a free-kick. The remaining stoppage time is SEVEN minutes.

45 minutes+4: Newcastle 2 PSG 0

PSG finally gives their attackers some support, but nobody in a blue shirt went after Dembele’s low cross, so Newcastle cleared for a corner, which the home team handled. So far, Luis Enrique’s experiment in strategy has failed.

45 minutes+6: Newcastle 2 PSG 0

Mbappe used a one-two to transition through the gears for one of the first times tonight. From the ensuing corner, he crossed for Ramos, who had a shot superbly blocked by Schar. That serves as a reminder to Newcastle that work is still to be done.

HT: Newcastle 2 PSG 0

The first 45 minutes will be exciting for Eddie Howe, the Newcastle players, and the spectators. In the first ten minutes, when PSG played forward early and found their forwards facing off against Newcastle defenders, things were a touch precarious. However, Newcastle’s high-up the pitch pressure began to pay off with turnovers, which resulted in Almiron’s opening goal. A long Var check (although it was the right call) led to Dan Burn’s goal, which Newcastle also threatened from set pieces. PSG requires one additional midfielder.

We are back under way for the second half!

No changes from Luis Enrique, which is a little surprising given the first half’s performance. PSG needs to regain some of their ball-playing daring. They consented to being alarmed.

47 minutes: Newcastle 2 PSG 0

PSG had a lot of possession in the opening moments of the half, but none of it was r

eally dangerous, and Dembele was forced to run into obstructions in the middle of the pitch. After that, Donnarumma clips the ball away for a Newcastle throw. It’s safe to conclude that the home team is currently in a comfortable position.

49 minutes: Newcastle 2 PSG 0

Dembele found another good cross-field position, but this time a Newcastle defender was in the proper place to clear it. PSG is attempting to apply pressure, but it all appears disjointed and lacks shape.

GOOOOAAALLL! Longstaff surely makes the game safe

On Newcastle’s first home game back in the Champions League, another local player scores. Longstaff ran all too easily off the back of PSG’s midfield, and from a tight angle, his powerful low shot slid past Donnarumma’s right wrist. Newcastle supporters may be able to unwind now.

53 minutes: Newcastle 3 PSG 0

Newcastle fans will not think about it for a second, but PSG have been dreadful. It’s the same old tale in that they’re still a top-heavy team even without Neymar and Messi. Enrique rolled the dice with his team selection and will walk away empty-handed.

GOOOAAAAL! PSG have one back through Hernandez

PSG’s standout performer for the night Lucas Hernandez’s run from deep goes untracked, and he nods beyond Nick Pope after Zaire-Emery snags a pass into the box. Offside calls are made, but the goal stands after a Var check. Will this make things tense?

60 minutes: Newcastle 3 PSG 1

PSG are now playing with more freedom; Newcastle must simply ride out the storm for the next few minutes. A half-hour plus stoppage time is a long time against forwards of this calibre. To keep pressing forward and staying in condition, the athletes may have to disregard the crowd’s pleas.

69 minutes: Newcastle 3 PSG 1

That was a clear opportunity for Ousmane Dembele, who darted in behind Burn and was found by Hakimi’s raking pass over the top. The former Barcelona wideman, on the other hand, lacked confidence on his right foot, which was severely skewed. At the other end, Gordon is booked for a sliding challenge on Marquinhos, despite the fact that he appeared to be in possession of the ball.

79 minutes: Newcastle 3 PSG 1

Dembele comes down the right again, this time just behind Mbappe’s run. Burn appears to be tiring at left-back for Newcastle, but the hosts are holding on. In midfield, Zaire Emery tries to allow the ball flow across his body but gets booked for a foul on Bruno G.

84 minutes: Newcastle 3 PSG 1

Barcola showed amazing technique, but his final ball let him down. The crowd is enraged when Murphy was fined for a foul on midway. Newcastle are still unable to break out of their half, but Mbappe’s long-range shot flies wide. It took a tremendous deflection and should have been a corner, but the referee missed it.

86 minutes: Newcastle 3 PSG 1

That was almost certainly PSG’s last chance to put on a show. Murphy mishandled a ball, eliciting moans from the crowd, and PSG found Mbappe clear on the left. Newcastle’s recovering defenders did well to show him the line and prevent Mbappe from shooting on his right foot, but he teed up Vitinha on the edge of the box, who blasted over.

89 minutes: Newcastle 3 PSG 1

Mbappe obtains the ball in the Newcastle area while surrounded by defenders, and he fouls Gordon as he attempts the near-impossible task of skipping through them.

There will be five minutes of playable stoppage time.

GOOOOAAAALL! Schar caps the night off with a screamer

Newcastle’s defence was one of their finest performers on the night, and he capped it off with a magnificent strike.

We’ve seen Schar have this before, but he started the move by winning a booming tackle in midfield. Schar continued his run after Murphy passed the ball to him, and the huge defender nearly fell over as he fired a shot into the top right corner.

94 minutes: Newcastle 4 PSG 1

Any tension in the stadium has now vanished, and the party can begin. After a win like this, you’d think that final orders in town could be pushed back a few hours. Mbappe has appeared disconnected from the game for the majority of the evening.

FULL TIME: Newcastle 4 PSG 1

Mbappe is down the tunnel as the final whistle blows, and Newcastle fans are ecstatic. Their effort, organisation, and some outstanding individual performances from players such as Schar and Bruno laid the groundwork for that outcome. The goals came at the perfect time, and they were never in danger after scoring the first goal.

Luis Enrique made a tactical error by selecting four attackers and only two midfielders. PSG will appear to be statistically dominant, but that is due to Newcastle’s early 3-0 lead. The tale of the game is that the French team came in second place.

Not Mbappe’s night

It is no secret that he is playing for time before a desired move to Real Madrid. PSG are now known as a club where elite talent drifts, and they need to change direction. They have one of world football’s most fruitful production lines of talent on their doorstep but have barely tapped into it, or sold them too early. Warren Zaïre-Emery is more like the type of player they need to be building around. It feels like the end of the superstar era.

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